​Let's talk about inspiration.  That tiny spark that flickers to life at the most unexpected of times.

A tiny flame has been floating in your conscious.  A smell, a person, a picture, a texture, a feeling or the change of the season, which fans into a bigger spark.

​This spark piques the curiosity, captures the attention, awakens the imagination and starts rushing towards the what if...?  Autumn, when your senses become aware of new changes in the things you see, the fabrics you touch, the air you smell, the changes nature goes through. 

Pom Pom Collection

​What better time for that tiny, growing spark to catch fire!  The tiny flame? The excitement of Miss Gardenia and Miss Velvet and which avenue to take next.  The smell?  Talc and its reminiscence of bygone eras where passion, elegance and mystery lived.  Citrus blossoms with their velvety texture on display, welcoming the new season.  White musk, the cool, smooth, sweet scent transporting you.


​The perfect time to introduce you to Miss Pom Pom, a strikingly beautiful woman from a bygone era who moves sensuously and with grace.  Her perfume a breath of pure talc heaven. Her body lotion a unique combination of the finest ingredients to transport you to an interwar era.


​She slowly straightens her shoulders, checks her reflection one last time before stepping onto the stage to perform, striding forth with all the old-school glamour only she can deliver.


They say behind every great man there is a great woman, in our case behind our brand there is a great team. A team of enthusiastic people the crème de la crème of their working fields. 


​Miss Pom Pom would have stayed a dream in my imagination for ever without them. Anna Apostolou managed to capture her spirit in her beautiful illustrations, John Foradaris gave her life by combining illustrations and graphics and creating her beautiful packaging and Antonis Farmakas created a photo shooting that gave her wings to fly. 


​Thank you all so much for believing in my vision, working very hard to deliver your amazing work and making Miss Pom Pom come to life. So welcome to her world and allow her delicate talc scent of innocence create unforgettable memories of Pureness...


Until next time,

Lots of love,


Philio Hermann

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