The Memory Distillery

The Memory Distillery by Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics
“Distil” (verb)
  1. purify (a liquid) by heating it so that it vaporizes, then cooling and condensing the vapour and collecting the resulting liquid.

  2. extract the essential meaning or most important aspects of.

“The act of smelling something, anything, is remarkably like the act of thinking. Immediately at the moment of perception, you can feel the mind going to work, sending the odor around from place to place, setting off complex repertories through the brain, polling one center after another for signs of recognition, for old memories and old connections.”​

- Lewis Thomas, American physician, poet, etymologist, essayist, administrator, educator, policy advisor, and researcher, author of “The Lives of a Cell” and “The Medusa and the Snail”.

Welcome to the Memory Distillery!

Miss Gardenia - Maro G. Phili

Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics are not just cosmetics. They are a complete distilled sensation, a concept that Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics calls “the cosmetics of experience”. This idea sparked the imagination, ignited creativity and the “Memory Distillery” was born. A dynamic, ever-growing project inspired by life, that aims to capture the essence of a specific memory through fragrance and share it with the world. The most exciting aspect of the “Memory Distillery” is that one of the distilled memories could be your own!

“When I was developing Miss Gardenia, I wanted to bring to our clients the experience of standing inside a Cypriot garden in full bloom,“ says Philio Hermann, the founder of Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics. “Gardens in Cyprus are an intrinsic part of our heritage and, for many of us, the familiar scents can 'unlock' precious memories. I link my source of inspiration to a precious memory from my childhood; the gardenia flowers in my grandmother's garden. Miss Gardenia is the distilled essence of my memory from that garden, which is also why my grandmother’s portrait is on the Miss Gardenia label.”​

Fresh out of the Distillery

The first official memory to be “distilled” in the Memory Distillery in January 2020 was named Lefkarose, an exquisite elegant parfum that contains “the distilled essence of winter, Lefkara lace and the fragrance of roses”, as described by Ms Xenia Georgiou during the distilling process of her childhood memory.

Lefkarose Face Scrub Lefkarose Candle Lefkarose Silk Scarf

“ I want to be a part of  the Memory Distillery!"

Get ready, gather your memories and start sending! Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics, invites you to be a part of the "Memory Distillery". If your memory is selected, it will become the next scent Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics will bring to life.

“ How can I  share my precious memory? "

  • Think of a scent that strongly awakens a beautiful memory of yours.

  • Try to describe that scent and the memory as best as you can, with as much detail as possible and take as many words as you need.

  • Send us your memories at and include your details so we can contact you, as we may need to learn more about your memory so we can “distill” it.

  • The selected memory will become a new Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics fragrance, with a tailor-made design packaging to honor the memory behind its creation.