The Lefkarose

Lefkarose Parfum candle

The new concept of Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics, the “Memory Distillery”, takes inspiration from life itself. It invites you to share a precious memory for a chance to see it come alive through a new and unique cosmetic creation by Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics! Become a part of the “Memory Distillery” and see your memory come to life! Meet the first "distilled" memory, fresh out of the Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics "Memory Distillery".

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Behind the Lefkarose

Lefkarose Parfum Candle

“When I was 4 years old, on a winter afternoon in Lefkara, I secretly entered
my grandmother’s bedroom. I observed with wonderment
all the treasures and curiosities on her dressing table.
Bottles, shiny powders, loose buttons and family photographs, until a small, carved, wooden vial caught my eye. It contained rose perfume.
It was the first time I smelled something so sweet and beautiful.
The scent always reminds me of that glowing childhood memory:
a crisp and fragrant winter in Lefkara ‘wrapped’ in the love of my grandparents.”
-The distilled memory of Xenia Georgiou

Distilling Memories - Lefkarose Candle by Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics

The first (official) product of the Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics “Memory Distillery” became a reality this January 2020, in the form of the nostalgically elegant, perfume candle “Lefkarose” and it is ready to ignite our precious memories.

Lefkarose is a natural soy candle, lovingly hand-crafted using the traditional method. It contains the “distilled essence of winter, Lefkara lace, my favorite fragrance of roses and the love of my grandmother Xenoulla and my grandfather Michalakis”, Ms Xenia Georgiou describes during the distilling process of her childhood memory.

The candle is gift-wrapped in a silk scarf, a traditional, plastic-free wrapping technique that helps protect the environment. An authentic traditional Lefkara lace pattern adorns the elegant scarf, with blooming roses, vintage buttons and the love between two people, the sources of inspiration behind the Lefkarose perfume.

Lefkarose Silk Scarf
  • Essence of Roses, winter and Lefkara lace
  • Burns for 80 hours
  • 260ml
  • Soya candle
  • Not tested on animals / Peta approved.